We Specialize

We focus on highly specialized financial transactions for companies, their lenders, and their creditors through financial restructuring and turnarounds, insolvency and bankruptcy, debt and equity capital-raising, buying or selling a business, and managing litigation risk.

We Know

We are experienced financial services professionals. Through our direct, hands-on leadership, we have successfully rescued dozens of companies that would have otherwise been sold or liquidated, and created or protected millions of dollars in equity for our clients.

We Dig

We extract the critical facts that make a difference, deep within an organization.

We Simplify

We develop objective, unbiased insights that clarify complex business and financial scenarios, simplify decisions, and lead to clear, constructive action quickly.

We Protect

We address personal ownership concerns that are beyond the consideration of most bankers and investors.

We Finish

When markets aren't favorable or traditional ways don't work, we find new ones. We complete the job.

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