Enterprise Consulting

High performing organizations never rest; they continually strive to be the best.  At O’Keefe that’s our mindset. We have the advantage of seeing best practices from hundreds of organizations across a vast array of industries and functional disciplines. As a result, we offer a valuable perspective that enables us to deliver unmatched returns on investment to the middle market.

We bring clarity to our clients by benchmarking their current performance in the areas of profitability, productivity, customer and employee retention.

We deliver results. Together, we set measurable goals backed by an actionable plan to create efficient and nimble processes that deliver immediate and long-lasting value. We can assist in the execution of a performance improvement plan by working collaboratively with our clients or acting in an oversight role as project manager. We help sustain performance by assisting clients in building dynamic management and diagnostic tools.

Our expertise includes:
• Pricing strategy and profit optimization
• Human capital and organizational effectiveness
• Supply chain management
• Manufacturing operations
• Customer order and fulfillment

Our focus is to deliver exceptional results by challenging the status quo. Learn more about how we can help you take action now and start performing at the top of your industry.