Automotive Recalls

We provide economic advisory services to automotive suppliers and their litigation teams to assist in meaningful settlement discussions on automotive recalls.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) has increased their staff to force Original Equipment Manufacturers (“OEMs”) to be even more responsive on product defects then they have in the past. The fallout of this for suppliers is the push down of more and very costly recalls. Often times, OEMs are pushing down costs (and profits) that are “bet the company” amounts to the supplier if not properly negotiated and settled quickly. We, at O’Keefe, have significant experience negotiating many business risks for our clients. We understand knowledge is power in the negotiation process. We arm our supplier clients with their OEM customer’s reality as to the real cost of recall actions and expected consumer behavior based on a variety of variables that influence recall completion rates. This has been a very powerful tool in establishing the parameters for settlement with the end game of preserving the customer business relationship without going out of business due to the financial burden of settlement.

Our automotive litigation team of CPAs and our Ph.D. Economist bring their accounting, economics, and industry expertise together in the quantification of economic damages for automotive recall matters. Recognized for our expertise and our “hands-on” senior staff, we are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients. We have been engaged in hundreds of economic advisory matters and have years of experience providing expert witness testimony.

We monitor developments in the automotive industry, NHTSA, and case law so that we may provide you with analysis that is thoughtfully prepared and defensible. We can provide:

• Economic Analysis of Completion Rates
• Cost Data Sampling
• Cost Analysis of Labor, Material, and Overhead Charges
• Discovery Assistance and Expert Witness Rebuttal Reports
• Expert Witness Testimony