Litigation Support

For over twenty years, we have helped clients understand and focus on key financial issues that influence and direct case strategies. We identify, interpret and simplify complex financial data then present our conclusions in a way that is easily understood and supported by fact and theory.

O’Keefe has provided hands on expertise on hundreds of assignments helping our clients spot case vulnerabilities, rebut other expert’s analyses and anticipate opposing counsel’s strategies. We are the trusted advisors law firms and corporate legal departments rely on, to craft strategies to reach settlements with greater financial results.

O’Keefe provides valuation, litigation support and expert witness testimony in cases involving:

• Anti-trust
• Bankruptcy related valuation services
• Breach of contract
• Business valuation
• Buy/sell side advisory
• Corporate dissolutions
• Corporate financial outlook
• Economic damage quantification
• Estate and gift taxation
• Financial reporting
• Forensics
• Fraudulent conveyance
• Future profits
• Intangible assets/intellectual property
• Litigation related valuation services
• Negligence claims
• Royalties
• Shareholder disputes
• Shareholder planning

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