When middle market companies are faced with a critical need to re-organize their balance sheets or operations, many don’t have the resources to create the change required.  In mission critical situations, when an organization has one chance to get it right they may need the expertise of a Chief Restructuring Officer or “CRO”.

Our goal as CRO is to help clients quickly identify the root-cause of the crisis, stabilize the organization and then develop a long-term strategy to restore the organization’s credibility with its stakeholders.  We bring expertise and best practices from many industries where we have achieved successful outcomes.  Our focus is to concentrate on the impairments to successful operations in many cases where management and ownership may not have the depth and breadth of experience in situations that stem from an unfamiliar, non-recurring event.  When hiring O’Keefe, you are hiring a team of professionals that possess the business acumen and skills to guide your organization through unchartered waters.