How We Can Help

Creating and protecting value:

O’Keefe is a hands-on consulting firm providing impressive bottom line results to a diverse mix of industries. Our specialized expertise and broad range of professional services allow us to provide comprehensive solutions to tough financial challenges. We serve in a range of advisory, consulting or interim leadership roles to organizations. Whether a company is healthy, challenged or distressed; our clients hire us to achieve sustainable results in difficult situations.

Our approach provides clarity to focus on providing solutions to our client’s most critical business challenge in any stage of the business cycle.

We Specialize

We focus on highly specialized financial transactions for companies, their lenders, and their creditors through financial restructuring and turnarounds, insolvency and bankruptcy, debt and equity capital-raising, buying or selling a business, and managing litigation risk.

We Dig

We extract the critical facts that make a difference, deep within an organization.

We Protect

We address personal ownership concerns that are beyond the consideration of most bankers and investors.

We Know

We are experienced financial services professionals. Through our direct, hands-on leadership, we have successfully rescued dozens of companies that would have otherwise been sold or liquidated, and created or protected millions of dollars in equity for our clients.

We Simplify

We develop objective, unbiased insights that clarify complex business and financial scenarios, simplify decisions, and lead to clear, constructive action quickly.

We Finish

When markets aren’t favorable or traditional ways don’t work, we find new ones. We complete the job.

We are the trusted advisors for:

Business owners

Our expertise helps leadership of private and public companies through a variety of financial services including: turning around distressed operations, improving profitability and cash flow, obtaining new bank financing, attracting additional investors, navigating litigation, insolvency or bankruptcy, and buying or selling businesses. We preserve owners equity, create value, and save jobs.


We work with banks to maximize loan recoveries from financially troubled borrowers. We assist lenders in gathering reliable financial information, identifying hidden problems like fraud, protecting collateral assets, and developing detailed analysis to determine the best workout strategy. Often, we assist their borrowers in finding new financing sources, or restore them to financial health so the bank can retain them as a customer.


We help attorneys deliver financial justice by providing bullet proof analysis and expert testimony in commercial and civil litigation matters. Our findings are often used to provide the basis for settlement negotiations which are conveyed in a clear and concise manner, all supported by both fact and theory. As a result, our clients are more effective at risk assessment thereby creating better than anticipated financial results.

Creditor committees

We help creditor committees maximize recoveries in Chapter 7 or 11 bankruptcy. We serve as financial advisors to committees by identifying issues impacting recoveries; identifying alternate recovery strategies; evaluating plans and budgets; monitoring liquidity, collections and operations; investigating causes of action; and facilitating sale or financing transactions.

CEOs and CFOs

We deliver a high-touch service focus to organizations and their strategic issues: growth; technology investment and enablement; transformation; the customer experience; mergers, acquisitions, and integration. We clarify your complex issues and challenges: craft solutions that fit; simplify decisions; streamline communications – leading to clear and effective action.

Private Equity

We work with Private Equity firms to provide a fresh perspective on operational enhancements, identifying best practices from other industry leaders, provide a hands on resource to asset management duties and develop strategies for capital restructuring and creditor relationships with the goal of maximizing stakeholders equity.