Mergers and Acquisitions

There is considerably more risk when selling or buying a financially distressed business.  Significant value is lost when companies linger in bankruptcy, lender forbearance, or workout circumstances. The future of the company’s customers, suppliers, lenders, and employees are at risk as more stable relationships are sought. As a result, sellers and buyers need to be prepared to expedite the transaction process with the support of experienced professionals. O’Keefe is that experienced resource. We understand both in-court and out-of-court processes with financially distressed companies.

We assist our clients through:

• Sell-side representation including Section 363 Bankruptcy Sales
• Buy-side due diligence to validate related assumptions
• Preparation of business valuations to support the transaction price
• Collaboration with legal advisors to ensure the transaction is properly documented to avoid unnecessary transaction risk
• Identification and qualification of transaction risk to assist in transaction structure