Transaction Services

Pre Sale

The optimal time to sell a business in order to maximize the price is market driven.  The sale price is determined by a market multiple of earnings that dynamically changes with the economy. Consequently, this may not be the same time ownership is ready to sell. However, there are steps that a seller can take to bridge the gap between what ownership requires and what a buyer is willing to pay. O’Keefe is an expert strategic advisor for improving profitability prior to a sale. We work with corporate c-suite, private equity, business owners and middle market companies.

To get the best price available in the market, we provide:

• Diagnostic assessment of the business
• Detailed plan to improve profitability through operational efficiencies
• Maximized resource utilization
• Performance measures and incentives
• Improved product and customer pricing
• Improved sales and marketing effectiveness
• Quantify sustainable and core earnings streams
• Identify core earnings available to buyer

After Sale

Well in advance of a closing, buyers must plan for the successful integration of the business being acquired with their existing organization(s). Integrations from a sale may include new brand identities, new operating facilities, new technology, elimination of duplicate costs and the merging of information technology systems.

O’Keefe is an expert consulting firm for corporate c-suites, private equity firms, business owners and middle market companies. We ensure planned synergies and acquisition goals are realized timely. Our team assists buyers with the integration plan, key communication messages (internally and externally) and merging the acquired businesses with the buyer’s core business.