Receiverships are used when control of cash flow and assets of the business are best handled by a third party. For small to mid-size businesses, receivership often makes more sense than bankruptcy. Receivership is less expensive and provides for more flexibility to deal with issues versus the strict confines of the bankruptcy code.

As Receiver, O’Keefe protects the integrity of your collateral by providing the expertise to secure and preserve the remaining value of your business or real estate venture. We can be retained consensually or court appointed. Our professionals can fulfill all court-appointed receiver duties including overseeing management, running a business and reconstruction due to loss.

O’Keefe will:
• Negotiate and settle lien claims
• Interface with customers/tenants
• Determine repositioning opportunities to enhance value
• Review and evaluate leases to identify potential risks
• Develop strategies to re-tenant
• Renovate distressed real estate