Quality of Earnings

We combine turnaround expertise with performance improvement skills to provide a unique perspective on both buy-side and sell-side transactions. Our Valuation and Financial Opinions Group provides business valuation and transaction opinions for complex, economic and financial matters.

We are experts in the middle market
O’Keefe professionals have worked in the private sector as well as the financial consulting field, giving us a unique perspective on both sides of a transaction. With our intimate understanding of the financial and operational issues unique to middle market businesses, we can look beneath the financial numbers to provide an analysis that captures the true earnings of the business.

We provide value to both buyers and sellers. We bring multiple years of experience, substantial industry knowledge, and best practices from a variety of industries as we strive to provide businesses with the highest quality analysis.

A fresh and innovative approach
O’Keefe does not use a checklist methodology like some of out competition. We look beyond the financial numbers to understand the true earnings of the business and investigate red flags.

Components of our analysis may include:
• Assessment of revenue and gross margins by categories and
• Trend analysis of historical revenue and operating expenses
• Review of revenue recognition policies and procedures
• Analysis of inventory, receiveables and other balance sheet
items and working capital
• Identification of one-time or non-recurring expenses
• Validation of revenue and expense projections
• Analysis of management and due diligence adjustments