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John Ruther Upcoming Speaking

John Ruther Upcoming Speaking

October 2, 2020

John Ruther will speak as a part of ACG University’s 2020 Strategic Acquisitions series taking place in October. The one-day training (held 4 times throughout the month) will offer depth and discussion similar to an upper level MBA course including:

  • A beginning to end view of strategic acquisitions
  • Over 20 experienced business leaders who will facilitate the discussions
  • Answers to questions such as:
    • How do you find an acquisition target?
    • What is an LOI?
    • How can a service provider best serve their client through this undertaking?
    • How do you ensure a deal is successful?
  • A broad understanding of how each step in the acquisition process contributes to the outcome of the acquisition

For more information visit ACG here.

On October 19th John Ruther will speak virtually at CMU College of Business. He will address various finance classes and later that day speak to the Michigan Finance Scholars program.