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Snyder appoints emergency manager for Lincoln Park

Snyder appoints emergency manager for Lincoln Park

July 3, 2014

LINCOLN PARK, Mich. (AP) – Gov. Rick Snyder has appointed an emergency manager
to run Lincoln Park, a southwest Detroit suburb where officials say the deficit increased
by at least $1 million in the last budget year.

The governor on Thursday named Brad Coulter the emergency manager. He’s taking a
leave of absence from O’Keefe & Associates, a turnaround consulting firm where he is
an independent contractor.

Coulter will make $150,000 a year.

Lincoln Park is the fifth Michigan city currently with a state-appointed emergency
manager. It joins Detroit, Flint, Allen Park and Hamtramck.

When Snyder confirmed a financial emergency in Lincoln Park, the city council
initially chose a consent agreement with the state. But council members rejected the
agreement, leading state Treasurer Kevin Clinton to determine the city should proceed
under an emergency manager.