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Understanding How COVID-19 Will Affect Loan Defaults

Understanding How COVID-19 Will Affect Loan Defaults

March 8, 2021

Violeta Zdravkovic was recently quoted in an article for Collector Magazine, a publication from ACA International. The article covered a recent webinar hosted by Barnes & Thornburg at which Zdravkovic was a panelist. During the webinar Zdravkovic said:

“The differences between this situation and prior downturns arise from the following drivers:
• COVID-19 happened quickly and led to a sharp economic downturn.
• While we had significant market volatility at the beginning of this downturn, the
markets are now doing well.
• The federal government pumped money into the economy, offering a $2 trillion stimulus package.
• Because of the pandemic, the hardest hit areas were entertainment, restaurant, hospitality, leisure and the retail sector.”

“The new PPP loans will help the hardest hit industries, but financial companies are gearing up for an acceleration of defaults in Q2 2021 and going into 2022. Government stimulus is helpful, however the solution is getting employees back to work and restarting commerce in a safe way.”


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